03/11/2011 14:57


on the Transcripts tab you will see the Affidavit of Connie Williams.  You will see where they said I had issues with abandonment? Well there's lots of girls I've dated whom would totally disagree with this. (how I'd never looked back after we'd parted ways; either on their calling or mine, however there would be some there as to not wanting my son to endure the broken family as i'd endured myself)  But im not a psychiatrist, (when it was claimed that I was obsessed with my wife. I'm like call these women and let them all speak?! They said it wouldn't look good for my charactor?! Really! I said I wanted to testify. I'd never been in a trial setting before, didn't know when I was supposed to take the stand, Didn't know I could testify twice. I waited and waited, next thing I know I was convicted and none of my witnesses were ever called).. All this was done quickly. Before I could fully recover from my injuries, physically and psychologically. I was stable enough to say what took place. But not aware enough to know the functionings of the trial proceedings. I was taken pretty fast.

Why I still can't obtain my medical records? Why was I admitted under an alias name? To make it next to impossible for me to obtain them myself, from prison). I'm still fighting enough. I hope and pray that I'll be successful in this before my demise.

Note at end of affidavit th edate says 12-17-2007 that was faxed to to HCLAO, that stands for Harris County District Attorney Office. The document was filed in August 2005. However we didnt get notice/copy of it until april 2008. Lies and deception just in order to carry out an execution

SEE TRANSCRIPT BY GOING TO Transcripts tab and reading the Affadavit by  Connie B WIlliams